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Fall Arrest Anchor Installation and Inspection

AnchorClass A Anchor Bolts Installation and Inspection.

S&C SAFETY COMPLIANCE install fall arrest eyebolts in accordance with BS7883:2005 – Application & Use of Anchor Devices Conforming to BS EN 795 and appendix A of BS EN 795:1997 – Protection Against Falls from A Height – Anchor Devices – Requirements by fully trained and competent installers / inspectors.

 At least once every 12 months each anchor device should be subject to a periodic examination in accordance with the manufacturers instructions by a competent person. If used for rope access purposes, anchor devices come under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), which requires an examination period to be every six months.

Anchor devices not regularly examined because they are not used on a regular basis should not be used unless they have been inspected within the previous 12 months (or 6 months for rope access purposes).

A suitable label should be provided clearly showing the date of the next inspections & the use uses for which the anchor device is intended, e.g. “For Fall Arrest Only” or “For Work Positioning & Restraint”.

In the case of Anchor Devices installed into brickwork, concrete and masonry a 6kN axel load test of 15 seconds must be performed to ensure the integrity of the fixing. Through fixings require a torque setting of 35Nm.

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